Introverts like staying inside their shell because it’s comfortable, safe, and quiet in it. While staying in this shell is necessary for introverts, especially in keeping them recharged, they still need to come out of it, so they can continue growing in their career. Introverts have to nudge themselves outside of their shells so they can grow and move beyond the things that they are used to. So, how can introverts go beyond their comfort zones? Here are 5 tips that can get them started:

  1. Join clubs or community organizations.

If you’re an introvert, it is most likely that you keep a small group of friends that you enjoy spending time with. But if you want to grow, you may want to push yourself to expand your circle and meet other people. One way to do this is to join clubs or organizations with members who share the same interests as you. These clubs often have regular meetings where you can connect and learn from other people. At the same time, you can also have the opportunity to help others by sharing to them your expertise.

  1. Volunteer for community events.

Speaking of helping others, you may also want to volunteer for community events where you can serve others using your talents or gifts. You can offer to tutor kids in your community and help them in a subject that you’re really good at. It is also possible that you can volunteer in a soup kitchen or in an orphanage. During times of disaster, a lot of organizations look for volunteers who can handle all sort of tasks such as packaging relief items, doing triage, or offering psychological first aid. There are various volunteer opportunities available that will help you practice getting yourself out of your comfort zone.

  1. Attend conferences within your industry.

Push yourself a little bit further by signing up for conferences where you can meet other professionals or entrepreneurs within your industry. These conferences usually have sessions which are delivered by experts in a certain field. You can introduce yourself to the speakers and ask them questions. You can also network with other attendees and see if a collaboration is possible.

  1. Host a fundraiser event.

If you want to stretch yourself even further, you can put your organizational skills to work by organizing a party or an event that raises funds for a certain cause. The planning process can give you the chance to exercise your creativity while pushing you to collaborate with others. You may need to contact sponsors to donate some items or give funds to your event. As you do this, you just might realize that connecting with others is fun and can help you truly grow.

  1. Sign up for a public speaking class.

Brush up on those public speaking skills by joining a class or a Toastmaster’s club. Meeting regularly with other people to practice public speaking can help you feel more comfortable being around many people. You also get the chance to develop presentation skills that can come handy for your business or job. Every time you deliver a speech, you get valuable feedback that will help you improve yourself more.

As you can see, coming out of your introvert shell does not necessarily entail baring your soul out for all the world to see. It is about taking small steps forward that push you to become more comfortable being around people who are outside your intimate circle. As you do this, you will encounter more opportunities for growth that will help you succeed in your career.

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