We all know about being an introvert and an extrovert. But did you know that there is also such as thing as “ambivert”? An ambivert is someone who is able to achieve a balance between introversion and extroversion. Ambiverts are considered to be great at adapting to different situations. For the ambivert, spending time along is a breeze, and so is operating within crowds. This type of disposition is very beneficial for someone who plans to run a business. However, if you are on the boundary between being an ambivert and an introvert, it is best to learn the most of each trait. Here are five things that you can do to take advantage of your personality.

  1. Make the most of every conversation.

For introverts, engaging in conversations can both be exhausting. If you are an ambivert, you tend to get tired of conversations, but then you are also able to do well in your interactions with people. That is why it is essential that you always plan ahead for meetings or discussions. This way, you are more likely to have meaningful conversations with the people that you work with. The ability to easily adjust to situations lends for greater efficiency in one’s interactions since you are able to get direct to point and avoid wasting time and words.

  1. Don’t box yourself with these labels.

Labels can be very restricting, so it is always wise to use your information about your personality as guides rather than as rules. For someone who is in the middle, it is possible that you will find yourself wanting to conform to the labels that others give you. But the key here is to apply what works for you, and create your own style even if it does not entirely fit inside the introvert or ambivert box.

  1. Regularly schedule an “alone” time.

Being in crowds can be too much for you, so always schedule a time when you can recharge effectively. Doing so would help clear out the overload of stimulations from conversations, experiences and just the noise from the environment. So, when you know that you have a busy week ahead, make sure to schedule an alone time when you can recharge your batteries and get you ready to interact with people.

  1. Use your communication skills to relate well with others.

Individuals who fall within the introvert-ambivert range of personality traits are great listeners. But is interesting to note that people who are more ambiverted than introverted are often a little more assertive. If this is you, turn your assertiveness into something that can help others. For example, in your conversations with people, take the time to make others feel heard. You can also stand up for those who are either unable to speak up and advance their causes. It’s incredibly empowering and rewarding to do this.

  1. Be a peacemaker.

One of the best things about an ambivert is that you can be on neutral ground when there are conflicts. You tend to pause first and consider all the factors, before taking any action. Then when you have all your facts straights, you are able to provide thoughtful counsel which may help resolve conflicts. That is why when disagreements arise, your opinion carries weight, enabling you to facilitate a healthy discussion between the parties involved.

Whether you pursue a career in the arts or in sales or in management, it is most likely that you will find fulfillment and success when you remember to take advantage of the best things about your personality.

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