Being an introvert is a preference. There is no right or wrong here. Yet society has somehow gives us a different message – that is, an introverted personality can hinder us from success. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of the people we admire and are truly successful in their chosen fields are introverts.

Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Meryl Streep are just some of the people known for their introversion. If we were to look at these examples, it is logically sound to say that there is greatness in you – you just have to discover and nurture it.

Looking at the lives of the people mentioned above, we can truly say that an introverted personality has excellent characteristics that are essential in achieving success in both life and career.

  1. Self-aware

Introverts love spending time in silence and solitude, as they tune in to their thoughts inwardly. This practice of introspections leads to great insights that bring in new ideas and allow for building better relationships with others.

  1. Independent Thinker

Because introverts like to think things through, they do not dive into things blindly nor are they compelled to follow the crowd. They are not given in to peer pressure or to following trends as they prefer to pursue logical conclusions that are completely unique to them.

While there are advantages to looking into trends, introverts simply get data from them because they would rather chart their own path. They are free-thinkers who want to make an impact in the world.

  1. Goal-oriented

Most introverts like to dig deep into themselves so they can have clarity on their goals. They tackle new ideas thoroughly before moving on to the next one. They do not want to waste time on idle talk. Instead, they like to focus on a specific task until it is complete. That is why they are very good in writing their thoughts out. They like to document meetings so they are sure to capture every important detail that will help them move toward their goals. They do not overshare because they like to be very deliberate in the things that they say.

  1. Good Listener

If there is one thing that introverts do so well, it is their ability to listen well. You may see them silently sitting on the sidelines but they are not idle. What they are really doing is paying close attention to the people around them. They are observing and listening, not just to the words that are explicitly spoken, but also to those that are said between the lines. This gives them a distinct advantage over others who simply like to make noise. Listening helps them gather useful insights, empathize with others, and build trust with those whom they work with.

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