I love taking personality tests! There are tests that are short and fun, while others are more comprehensive and carefully validated by research. No matter what they are, personality test results confirm things that I have observed about myself, or sometimes they provide me with a cohesive summary of what could be helpful information about my personality. But a fair bit of warning though, not all tests are created equal. Some tests are just good icebreakers for meetings or conversation points when hanging out with friends. Others are more reliable, because they are backed by solid research.

So, why is it a good idea to take personality tests?

Inc. Magazine reports that gone are the traditional ways of defining success. In today’s world, personality is said to be a key driver for success. In the past, tests and achievement tests were considered to be better predictors of success. But now, studies prove that personality play a crucial role in an individual’s likelihood for becoming successful.

Knowing your personality is important if you want to succeed as an introvert. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Awareness is power.

Knowing what your tendencies and preferences are can help you move towards success. An interesting point made about personality is that they are not permanent. Yes, personality is not something that is set in stone. So, it is possible for you to learn ways that will help you cope with your environment.

When you are aware of your natural tendences, it will be easier for you to properly plan for situations that may seem to take a toll on yourself. For example, if you know that you are leaning toward the side of introversion, you are then aware that being in crowds and talking for long periods of time can be tiring for you. With this information, you can carefully plan how to handle big meetings or speaking in front of a lot of people. Having awareness gives you the power to overcome potential challenges, and to leverage positive traits for success.

  1. Knowing self leads to knowing others.

The Greeks were known for being obsessed about “knowing thyself”. They clearly understood that knowing oneself leads to better understanding of other people. It is not merely about the ability to relate well with others, but it is also about being able to anticipate their actions. In business or in the workplace, it is advantageous to have the ability to know what motivates people to behave the way they do.

There are a number of tests available out there. You just have to look at what types of tests are most useful for you at this time. An example is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a simple enough test to take as you just need to assess yourself based on several statements about preferences and tendencies. The results will provide you with insights on what motivates you, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and the possible ways that you can succeed based on your personality type. Because the scores are different for each person, the combination of the factors provide a good starting point for understanding one’s self.

  1. Gain clarity on your potential areas for success.

Most personality test results provide insights into what career paths suit you best based on your natural tendencies. Having this information narrows down the options for you and prevents you from wasting time. When you see the career recommendations in the test results, it is most likely that you will get confirmation on your current career inclinations. Let’s say your results say that you are introvert who is most suited to be a psychologist or a social worker or a researcher or a scientist. That does not mean that you cannot become excellent in doing sales or in public speaking. It only means that the being in sales may present greater challenges, which you can overcome with the right strategies.

With these three reasons, I hope that you were able to see how knowing your personality can help you achieve greater success. If you are interested in taking a personality test, you can try out any of these tests:




These tests are all free so you can get a good summary of your results after you answer the questions. Hope you have fun!

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